about us...

Why Bark & Elm

Bark & Elm is a Luxury Eco-Lifestyle brand.

Designed in the UK, we pride ourselves on simplistic natural design and branding.

Our vision is to create useful and versatile products that allow you to live simply and organically, but without sacrificing on style.

Each Bark & Elm bag is handcrafted from strengthened washable paper that is chic, yet sustainable.

Our beautiful products allow you to indulge without having a negative impact on the earth. 

We are constantly designing new useful, sustainable products so please follow our journey on Instagram.  



In searching for a sustainable alternative to leather or plastic for our products, this strengthened washable paper absolutely won our heart.

It is made from wood pulp and then bonded with an organic cellulose fibre. All chemicals used in the process are successfully retrieved and reused.

The wood pulp is mainly derived from natural resources of cultivation. But also, from recycled wood or salvage cuttings from natural disasters or from industry leftovers like wooden pallets. It is never sourced from deforestation.

We fell in love with this new versatile material because of what it stands for and we are passionately focused on promoting the benefits that the material provides.

This washable paper is durable, biodegradable and light. And has a charming leathery look and will age beautifully with time, developing a gorgeous vintage look.

You can wash the bags in cold or warm soapy water and dry them naturally into your desired shape. Please do not machine wash, dry clean or iron.